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Catronic Descaler


General advice

  1. Protect the power supply unit against direct exposure to water and sunlight.

  2. Use only the included power supply and adapter (when applicable).

  3. The operating temperature of Catronic ranges from –20° C to +50° C (14° F to 122° F).

  4. Clean the device with water only.

  5. Temperatures on heating surfaces should not exceed 95° C (~203° F).

  6. It is recommended that installation be carried out by a qualified professional.


  1. For optimal water treatment Catronic is installed into the piping system in the main water pipe.

  2. Catronic must be installed upright (see top/ bottom).

  3. Once installed, plug in the Catronic to start enjoying the benefits of conditioned water.

Installation examples

A - Standard Installation

B - Bypass Installation

C - Converted Installation - for smaller pipe diameters


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