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Catronic - How it works

Physical Water Treatment

Catronic works solely with low voltage electricity; no salt or chemicals need to be added. The electronic impulse treatment does not change the original water quality. It simply changes the crystallization behaviour of the calcium, which reduces the adhesive power of scale. Catronic is the eco-friendly and maintenance-free solution to your scale problems.

Physical Water Treatment

1. Installed at the primary water inlet of the building, the water flows via the main pipe directly into the treatment chamber of the main unit.

2. The water flows through the Catronic treatment chamber where it comes into direct contact with the impulse field. Here, the impulses inhibit all scale components in the water from forming into burr-like structures (a). They now form as harmless nano-crystals (b).

3. The swirl passage at the output of the treatment chamber is designed to create turbulence in the water within the main unit. This enhances the growth of the nanocrystals that have just been formed in the treatment chamber.

4. The Catronic-treated water leaves the main unit, equipped with nano-crystals which can no longer attach to surfaces or build up as scale. The existing scale deposits will gradually diminish as the water flows through the piping system.


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